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5 Mistakes not to make when visiting a new salon

Posted on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mistakes people make when visiting a salon and how to easily avoid them

Do you get emotional and anxious when visiting a new salon or having a change of hairstyle?. With a little friendly advice most of these unpleasant emotions can be avoided. These tips were collected by GILLIAN REILLY Hair & Beauty, 6 HANOVER BUILDINGS, SOUTHAMPTON, SO14 1JW from their many years of experience of working with all kinds of clients and also hearing their customers horror stories of past salon visits.

1/ You decide to have a major change of style or colour without ever having visited the salon before. At the very minimum check out their reviews online and if possible visit for a small service such as a wash and blow dry first. This will give you a chance to talk to the hairdresser and get a feel for how they work. It is much better to find out beforehand that you don’t have rapport with a stylist before they have the scissors out, as this can avoid disappointment or tears later. It is not rude to ask the stylist how many years’ experience they have, everybody has to learn, but you probably don’t want them to practice on your hair.

2/ Take a photograph with you if possible and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions as hairdressers are not mind readers, and a visual description is really helpful to the stylist. If you want half an inch cut off make sure that your idea of half an inch is the same as theirs. Most cutting combs have a measure on them so this is an easy way to establish that you are on the same wavelength. Have they done that style before?.If so they can tell how easy it will be to manage.

3/ If you are trying to save money, you may consider buying a very cheap deal online. however you may wish to consider, why would a salon be willing to discount their services by up to 70% leaving them with no margin for profit? Are they able to cope with the large surge in business because most of the daily deal sites sell in bulk? Are there restrictions? Probably the voucher is not valid after 5pm or on Saturdays. If it is a chemical service such as a Brazilian blow dry at something like £59, then you can bet the stock alone costs that and it takes 3 hours. Experience tells us this results in rushed appointments and frazzled stylists. So ask yourself does your hairdresser offer any special package deals? is there a loyalty scheme?
You may even be able to get a deal if you pay for blocks of appointments in advance, you will be happier with the service you receive and it may not work out much more expensive. Sometimes saving money can be a costly mistake if you have to go somewhere to have your hair corrected.

4/A very good salon will insist on first visit skin testing, don’t get upset it’s for your protection. We realise you may have been having your hair done for years with no reaction but we still follow the manufacturers guidelines.

5/A good consultation involves the stylist asking you and you asking them a lot of questions. It's important to consider whether a style is suitable or practical. The hair designer will make suggestions based on the information you provide. This is the time to explore possibilities together.

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