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Hair Straightening Services

Hair Straightening Services
This treatment is suitable for bleached, ultra damaged and virgin hair, just one treatment of KeraStraight will leave even the most porous and weakened hair in the best possible condition for up to 4 months. This professional treatment takes between 2-3 hours, depending on hair length, and will breathe new life into hair, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Originating from Brazil, KeraStraight incorporates a new low pH protein and uses no formaldehyde in the ingredient or vapour. KeraStraight’s new treatment works with Keratin, 22 carat gold, and a unique KS Complex which strengthens the hair with extra protein to smooth, de-frizz and straighten immediately. KeraStraight reinforces the hair-shaft to dramatically improve the hair quality from the inside out..


  Head Technician Technician
Kerastraight Brazilian BlowDry* (Long length) £248.00 £248.00
Kerastraight Brazilian BlowDry* (Mid length) £219.00 £219.00

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