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Hair Colour Services

Hair Colour Services
We can create beautiful hair colour effects using a wide range of techniques including highlights, full head of colour, balayage, ombre and semi-permanent colours. We have the experience and knowledge to get hair colour results that look sensational. We will also recommend the right products to keep your colour looking great and to help you maintain your hair’s condition after you leave our salon.


  Head Technician Technician
Bleaching Long* £97.00 £91.00
Bleaching Short* £64.00 £58.00
Change Of Colour £91.00 £91.00
Colour Enhancer £36.00 £31.00
On Colour* £47.00 £42.00
Highlights Full Head* £135.00 £124.00
Highlights Half Head* £91.00 £86.00
Highlights Quarter Head* £64.00 £58.00
Panel* £53.00 £47.00
Permanent Colour Long £75.00 £69.00
Permanent Colour Short £69.00 £58.00
Permanent Long £58.00 £53.00
Permanent Short £47.00 £42.00
Slices* £75.00 £69.00
On-Bleach* £36.00 £31.00
Lights Full Head* £146.00 £135.00
£15.00 Blow-Dry with a senior assistant with any permanent colour. If you would like your usual stylist or are having a semi-permanent colour, blow-dry charges still apply. It is our policy that anyone having colour is required to have their hair blow-dried to enable us to check the colour properly. All prices include VAT 20% *Prices from

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